For this project I worked three important points which are     very present in my creations and its processes, three         
  fundamental pillars that end up being the basis of my   
  work,  as an artist and jeweller.


  Most of the time when we create a part of ourselves 
  gets detached in our work. It’s in this moment when it 
  starts to talk about you, through your hands, from your 
  heart, with its rhythm and its beat. It’s in this moment
we offer and give a part of ourselves to the work, 
  when a feeling materializes.

  | HEART in HAND | This is what I materialise and 
  what frame, the essence of what I do and who I am, it’s 
  what I offer you, my heart and my hands’ heart, to walk 
  with you, next to you. You that came to feel it.

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